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Improve your security system in Champaign

You should never have to make a compromise between security and convenience. Thankfully, Vivint has brought together a state-of-the-art security system in Champaign with home automation to make your house smarter and safer. Now, you have enhanced control over your smart locks, alarms, and cameras, while also managing your lights and thermostat within an easy-to-use mobile app.

Of course, the true advantage of Vivint happens when you integrate your devices together in one system for a completely connected home. Get notifications from your motion-detection sensors when they sense unusual activity, and then turn the lights on to scare potential thieves away. Engage door locks remotely, lower lighting, and change thermostat settings by simply pressing a button when you turn in for the night. Additionally, you can set your home to prepare your house for you when you enter your driveway. With a Vivint system in Champaign, you are able to lower your stress and increase your peace of mind.


Get complete control of your security system in Champaign

Elevate your property’s defense at night with a security system that works for you. With indoor and outdoor cameras, window and door sensors, and motion detection, you will be secure around the clock against potential intruders. If a camera or smart device identifies unusual actions, an update is immediately delivered to your Vivint Smart Hub, Vivint App, and Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring team.

Vivint grants you total control of your home security system in Champaign. Through the smartphone application, you can activate or deactivate your alarms remotely, review live streams from your home security cameras, and provide your family with unique codes for your smart locking devices. And because Vivint pairs your Champaign security system with automated functionality, you can instantly arm your home security when leaving for the day and program it to deactivate when you come back.


Smart home automation makes your life more comfortable

Smart home automation lets your house adapt to your family’s needs. When utilizing the intuitive smartphone application, you get total command over daily-use items like lighting, temperature controls, locking systems, and doorbell cameras. You will save money on your utility costs by customizing the temperature and lighting to be in harmony with your schedule. Programming your home automation via the Vivint app lets you get your house ready for bed with a single push of a button.

And because your smart home automation easily incorporates with your home’s security system, you can take your protection to new heights. Through pre-set rules, you can adjust your lighting, cameras, alarms, and comfort levels depending on occupancy and preferences. Converse with visitors via your doorbell camera and your cell phone application. Or simply get alerts from your smart locks when your loved ones arrive home.

Fire protection happens when you’re home or away

Standard fire alarms issue a warning when they detect smoke, but your smart smoke detectors improve your home’s defense by identifying heat as well as smoke. If disaster does strike, they notify you with a high-volume warning and smartphone notification, while also contacting Vivint’s 24-hour monitoring professionals. By using smart fire and flood detectors, you ensure that emergency personnel will be in route, and you can prioritize getting your family out of danger.

Smart security in Champaign backed by 24-hour monitoring

Every second counts when disaster strikes. When a sensor in your system is set off, an actual representative from Vivint’s 24-hour monitoring staff answers the call. After quickly assessing the situation, they’ll contact you to confirm you are out of danger and that the appropriate emergency personnel is on the way. Whether you are looking for a security system for your Champaign rental, or you need a security system for your business in Champaign, Vivint is there for you.

Access all your services with a single cell phone app

Your security system, camera surveillance, fire detectors, and automation need to work together to be effective. That’s why Vivint incorporates all your smart security components into one simple app. Through the app, you can control your house remotely or program your system’s functionality in accordance with time of day or triggered events. Receive notifications when your sensors identify unusual movement or when they discern fire -- and watch your video feeds in full HD.

Because technology never stops advancing, Vivint has made it possible to integrate new systems and devices in the years ahead. After all, what good is a smart home in Champaign if it’s stuck in the past?

Find Champaign Emergency Services Information

Your safety in Champaign is of the upmost priority to us at Vivint. Not every time you have an emergency or community concern will you need to call our monitoring center. Because of that, we want to make sure you know how to contact Police, Fire, and Poison Control in Champaign.
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Call 911 for:
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Champaign Police Department
82 E University Ave, Champaign, IL 61820
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